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Testimonial from Peru

My name is Irma A. Quispe Neira, from Peru and a Karate black belt athlete; I want to share my personal testimony with regards to my US permanent residence.

Karate-Do is part of my life. I have trained for 15 years, achieving many important awards throughout my career. Karate has helped me to develop a physical and psychological balance in my life as well as other important achievements.

I am very thankful to Mr. Manuel Rivera. He is a good professional who trusted in my talent and hard work to achieve my U.S. Permanent Resident under the category of "Extraordinary Ability".

I think a person's struggle and determination is an essential factor to succeed in life. In my personal life I have experienced much success. And, at the same time these have let me to achieve not only important awards, but also to appreciate a special value to sport, which has allowed me to show my talent. This talent has been recognized by the U.S. Government, I became a U.S. Permanent Residence under the B16 category, which has been an amazing gift to me.

My Permanent Residency has allowed me to continue my academic and sports goals in the U.S.

Soon I will become an Astronautical Engineer and a qualified instructor at the Washington DC Karate Club. All these achievements have also been achieved thanks to Mr. Rivera, who I appreciate and also admire as a great man for this humbleness and virtues to help people like me.

Thus, I want to invite to those recognized athletes to pursue another achievement in their lives. In some place always there is a possibility to continue developing our talent. If you have worked hard for this, you deserve to be recognized for this, an Extraordinary Ability, is not a quality that everyone has. And like me you also can be able to achieve a U.S. Permanent Residence under this deserved category.

Best Wishes,
Irma Quispe

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